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This is a select list of Dr. Bledsoe's media appearances or mentions of his medical work and research in the media.  Dr. Bledsoe has been interviewed by numerous media outlets on a diverse range of topics.



Politico  How the GOP Could Use Obamacare to Gut Obamacare

Talk Business & Politics  Four Questions With Arkansas Surgeon Generall Greg Bledsoe

Capitol View  Surgeon General Discusses Health Care Task Force

Talk Business & Politics  Arkansas Surgeon General: 1332 Waiver Important to Task Force Work

Arkansas Business  Greg Bledsoe Named Surgeon General

Ultimate MMA magazine  Fighting, Dementia...the Real Connection 

PracticeLink Magazine  Wilderness Medicine: International Travel Awaits Physicians with a Thirst for Adventure

Men's Fitness  Smash hit: fighters Matt Hughes and BJ Penn are just two of the reasons mixed martial arts has become the fastest-growing sport in the country 

USA Today   MMA regulation fight tests perceptions of the sport  

The Gospel Coalition  What the Next Generation of Medical Missionaries Might Look Like

Baltimore Sun   Freeze Filling City's Shelter

JAMA  Invited peer reviewer 2004 

JAMA Book and Media Reviews: Expedition & Wilderness Medicine

New England Journal of Medicine  Book Review: Expedition & Wilderness Medicine

Emergency Medicine Journal  Book Review: Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

Bloomberg Markets Magazine  Fertittas Made Billionaires by Head Blows with Chokeholds 

Johns Hopkins Magazine  Hands-On Experience

Pastor Mark Driscoll   A Christian Evaluation of Mixed Martial Arts

Sand Mountain Reporter  Snake Season: Officials Say Snakebites Rise with the Temperature 

Ultimate MMA magazine  Risks Exist  Pros of MMA Training

Fort Worth Weekly  Reality Fights 

Cincinnati Magazine  No More Mr. Nice Guy

Book: Making Sense of Sports by Ellis Cashmore and Ernest Cashmore, chapter Morals and Medals

Book: Martial Arts of the World: An Encyclopedia of History and Innovation edited by Thomas A. Green and Joseph R. Svinth, chapter Mixed Martial Arts

Ultimate MMA magazine  Anatomy of a KO 

Willamette Sports Law Journal  The Development of Mixed Martial Arts: From Fighting Spectacles to State-Sanctioned Sporting Events 

West Virginia Law Review  Fighting for Respect: MMA's Struggle for Acceptance and How the Muhammad Ali Act Would Give It a Sporting Chance

Jackson Free Press  Saved By Grace