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    Explorers Club Controversy Part V: My Votes for the Board

    This is just a quick post to specifically address the upcoming Explorers Club Board elections.

    If you're a member of The Explorers Club, you should have already received your paper ballot with a list of the Board nominees and their bios.

    I've had a number of individuals contact me and ask who they should support for the Board.  The problem for many Club members is that since we are an organization that spans the globe, it is difficult to have firsthand knowledge about each Board candidate.

    Honestly, I've done my best to educate myself about the issues currently facing our organization as well as the backgrounds and strengths of each of the Board nominees, but I still feel like it is a shot in the dark in many ways.

    Of all the Board nominees, I've never met any of them, I've had zero contact with most, and my total communication with this entire group of nominees boils down to a single phone call I received from one candidate and a single email from another (and both of these communications were unrelated to the Board election-- neither candidate was asking for my vote).

    My advice to Club members who are interested in making an informed decision is the following: First, do your best to educate yourself about the important issues the Club is now facing, and second, be sure to vote.

    The Explorers Club is a small entity with only a few thousand members. Most members will not vote, so 100 or so votes could swing the entire election.  

    Having said all that, here are the five candidates I am supporting. However, before reading my list, please note the following:

    1. I have no idea where these individuals stand on all the issues facing the Club.  I have not polled these individuals or used any "litmus test" to determine whether they should be supported.  Any of these individuals may completely disagree with me on the topics I've discussed on this blog.  I have no idea.  I just think these individuals seem like very strong candidates based on their backgrounds and the reports I am hearing from others I know in the Club.

    2. The other individuals who are nominees may be great people. Again, I have not talked to them about the issues and do not know them. Please do not interpret my lack of endorsement as an attack against these other nominees.  If you're a Club member and you do not agree with my list, no problem.  Just disagree with me and vote for someone else.

    3. The individuals I am supporting are my preferences and mine alone.  I have not been told who to vote for. No one owns my vote or speaks for me (and no one should own your vote or speak for you either).

    4. None of the individuals I am supporting has lobbied me to gain my endorsement.  No one has asked me to endorse them or others-- I am simply posting this list as a response to those who have asked my opinion.

    For the 2012 Explorer Club Board elections, I'll be voting for the following:

    • Bob Atwater LF’05
    • Dr. Brian M. Boom, Ph.D., FLS, FR’95
    • James Edwards LM’97
    • J. Mark Fowler MN’02
    • Brian P. Hansen, MED ‘84


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